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10 min Match with Malibu dominating Fantasy both ladies are wearing one piece swimsuits, kneepads and boots.


Malibu starts off picking up Fantasy in a bearhug weakening her and then dropping her to the mat. She then does a leg drop knocking the wind out of Fantasy. 


Malibu puts Fantasy in a long held headscissor, Fantasy starts to frantically slap Malibus thighs to tap out, first Malibu ignores her but then lets her go. 


Malibu then gets Fantasy in a long held reverse headscissors letting fantasy squirm and tap for a while before releasing her.


Malibu then gets fantasy in a long held side headscissor, she again ignores fantasy's taps and pleas at first and then lets her go.


Malibu finishes off fantasy with a long held FACE SIT smothering fantasy with her butt, she ignores fantasy’s frantic taps and muffled cries, she gives fantasy a short window of air and then continues smothering her. Eventually she gets off of fantasy claiming victory and ending the match.

V#91 Fantasy vs Malibu 10min

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