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W.O.A.D vs Malibu 20min
Custom Vixens

W.O.A.D vs Malibu 20min

Queen of the ring match How it starts: Both ladies are already in the ring. Because this is a special match! Moves : From the opening bell, the two ladies tear into each other, and the match goes back and forth between the combatants eagerly trying to muscle each other through the ropes…to each Amazon taking a little extra time to enjoy administering a beat down on her hated rival, with plenty of fists, kicks, stomps, rope chokes, boots to the throat, etc. Both the WOAD and Malibu often use their “weapons of ass destruction” to devastating effect on their opponents. banzai and butt drops, and for WOAD to try doing her “Damnesia” move. Malibu has got the WOAD down in the corner and is really enjoying putting her boot to the WOAD’s throat. But the WOAD keeps kicking Malibu, sending her against the ropes. As Malibu is leaning over the rope, trying to right herself, the WOAD quickly seizes the opportunity by trying to push Malibu by her glutes out of the ring. The two keep struggling along the ropes, shoving and fighting, but Malibu hangs on. The other is that the WOAD unleashes a Big Boot sending Malibu crashing into a turnbuckle. While Malibu’s in the corner, stunned, the WOAD quickly gets to her and tries to power Malibu out over the turnbuckle, but despite the WOAD’s shoving, Malibu hangs on. How it ends: The voice from behind the camera announces that there are five minutes left. Both ladies are struggling to push each other out of the ring. The two wrestlers actually eliminate each other (whether going under or over the ropes I leave to them to decide). Despite a reminder that the first wrestler to climb back in the ring wins, they start brawling outside the ring. There’s a one minute warning and then a 30 second one. Just after the 30 second warning, the wrestler closest to the ring tries to climb back in, but her opponent grabs her leg and then her trunks, keeping her from climbing in, and cheating her out of victory. The bell rings. A draw is declared. Both ladies are furious. They tear into each other, fight around the ring, and brawl their way back to the locker room.
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