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Heather Owens/Brittany Garcia vs Shawna Reed/Bashley Bones   - all ladies barefoot with ref

  • SR and HO start the match, SR immediately kicks HO in the midsecon before the bell.
  • She connues her assault on HO with a combo with punches and chops. She Irish whips HO against the
  • ropes and hits clotheslines.
  • SR then sends HO crashing into the ring post, and then hits two massive chops to HO’s chest.
  • She grabs HO by her hair and rams her head into the turnbuckle before unleashing a !urry of kicks to the
  • SR then proceeds to choke HO with her foot unl the ref counts to 5. SR then tags in BB.
  • Together they whip HO against the ropes and hits a double clotheslines.
  • BB hits an elbow drop on HO. She hits a snapmare on HO and stands on her hair.
  • BB picks up HO and hits another kick to HO’s midsecon and follows up with more chops to be her chest.
  • BB quickly hits a Russian leg sweep and get a near fall.
  • She goes for an elbow drop but HO avoids the a&ack and tags in BG.
  • BG enters the ring and immediately picks up and body slams and leg drops BB.
  • She picks up BB and hits her with a headbu& before sending her crashing into the ring post.
  • She then hits a massive splash on BB. BG sends BB crashing into the opposite turnbuckle and hits
  • another splash.
  • BG then hits massive chops upon BB’s chest before a distracon allows BB to hit a low blow on BG.
  • BB tags in SR.
  • SR unleashes a !urry of punches on BG before hi(ng a big boot.
  • SR then applies a ght body scissor on BG. BG struggles to break to hold and eventually she breaks the
  • hold a jawbreaker.
  • BB breaks up the pinfall a&empt. BG enters the ring and grabs while HO grabs BB and they throw SR and
  • BB into each other.
  • BB rolls out of the ring, SR alone in the ring with BG/HO tries to !ee the ring. However BG grabs her by
  • her hair and hits a massive body slam.
  • HO then picks up SR, kicks her in the midsecton and hits a massive stunner.
  • HO then hooks the leg of a knocked-out SR for the pinfall victory

V#145 Tag match Heather O. & Brittany G. vs Shawna Reed & Bashley B. 10min

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