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Roxanne is impatiently waiting on the mat for Hannah.  As soon as Hannah attempts to enter the mat room, Roxanne grabs her by the hair and pulls her on to the mat.  Roxanne immediately begins to stomp Hannah's arm; stretching it out and softening it with knee drops.  Hannah stomps the mat and writhes in pain as Roxanne watches for a few seconds before pulling Hannah up by her hair and kicking the same arm; Hannah drops to her knees, favouring the arm as Roxanne slams her to the mat, Hannah arches her back before Roxanne begins to work the arm over more with a chicken wing, arm lock and stretches.  Roxanne pulling her up by her hair and twisting her injured arm.  Giving Hannah's arm a break, Roxanne proceeds to hurt her with a vicious stomach claw before flipping her back to the mat by the injured arm and continuing the stomach claw on the mat.   Eventually getting up, Roxanne stomps on the injured arm again and Hannah reacts violently, writhing and kicking the mat in agony.  Roxanne proceeds to roll Hannah onto her stomach before planting her boot on Hannah's back and wrenching her arm behind her in an armlock/ surfboard type move before ultimately placing here in a vicious hammerlock on the mat that makes her tap.  Roxanne celebrates her win.

V#137 Mama Hannah vs Roxanne Layne 10min

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