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Participants: Roxanne Layne Vs Autumn Mariee

Match Type: Best of 3 falls

Length: 20 minutes

1st Fall: Roxanne establishes her strength advantage early, easily winning a fingerlock and generally shoving Autumn around the ring.  After getting bullied a bit, Autumn counters with her speed, staying a step ahead and keeping Roxanne on the defensive with leg trips, savate kicks, dropkicks, etc..

Finish: Autumn Mariee ducks a corner splash attempt by Roxanne and hits a double knee backbreaker (lung blower, back stabber, code breaker? – I’m not great with names but it looks painful no matter what it’s called) to take the first fall by pin.


2nd Fall: Roxanne is more surprised than hurt but has a moment to regroup after losing the first fall.  Autumn tries to press her speed advantage, but Roxanne catches a kick attempt and targets Autumn’s legs.  Roxanne works Autumn over with leg locks (figure four, ankle lock, stretch muffler, sharpshooter) slowing down the match and her opponent.

Finish: Roxanne finally gets the equalizing submission with an Indian Deathlock


3rd Fall: Autumn has a moment to recover her agility a bit.  Roxanne presses her power advantage with knee lifts, short arm clotheslines, leg drops and slams, but Autumn stays in the match and gets her own offense in.  This is a back and forth fall and the desperation to finish leads to frustration at kickouts.

Finish: After some close call kickouts, Roxanne hits the Rock-C slam or neckbreaker to put Autumn away for the final fall.

V#133 Roxanne vs Autumn 20min

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