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Fantasy gets some moves in early on, but then Malibu starts to dominate her and ultimately win the match.


The match starts and Malibu tries to get Fantasy in a bearhug, but fantasy is ready for her this time. She dodges the bearhug and jumps on Malibus back putting her in a sleeper hold and taking her down Fantasy let’s her go and then puts the groggy Malibu in a camel clutchFantasy then gets Malibu in a surfboard holdFantasy gets Malibu in a side headscissors and tries to squeeze her to a KOMalibu counters and traps Fantasy in a headscissors of her ownMalibu gets on top of her pinning fantasy in a schoolgirl pin and taunts her as she struggles Malibu then gets fantasy in a long held reverse headscissors squeezing the fight out of fantasyFinal move Malibu gets Fantasy in a bearhug and to add insult to injury she then sits down holding fantasy on her lap squeezing and taunting her until she passes out ending the match!

V#105 Malibu vs Fantasy 10min

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