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Custom Vixens V#75

Vixens Rasslin Club series.

6 Woman LadderMatch to be #1 Contender to VRC Championship.
Participants: the WOAD, Nina Monet, Autumn Marie, Fantasy, Little Bit and Crystal Fire.

Warning to hardcore LadderMatch fans, this isn’t the spectacle you are used to.  It’s the first and last LadderMatch in Vixens Rasslin Club history.

See the 6 women face off, all having personal rivalries with someone else in the match.

Witness the history making moment.  Someone will outsmart not only her opponents, but the Rasslin, sports entertainment, pro wrestling industry. 
Someone continues to grow her VRC legacy in this match with her ability to take advantage of an opportunity. 

Spoilers below for those who need to know.

Spoilers below
Spoilers below

Spoilers below

Fantasy takes advantage of her opening and quickly wins the match.  Upsetting the LadderMatch fans and wrestlers. 

Statement by Fantasy regarding the match.

The idea that I need to apologize for simply outsmarting everyone else is ridiculous.  I took advantage of an opportunity. I don’t feel that I owe an apology for winning the ladder match, regardless of how many people it possibly pisses off. 
I don’t apologize for upsetting the rest of the women in the match. I don’t apologize for upsetting fans who wanted just chaos.  I definitely don’t apologize for being the smartest person ever in a ladder match. 
It is funny how it took a WOMAN to finally show the wrestling/sports entertainment industry how to compete in a ladder match. Don’t all those people before look ridiculous.  I made history and if I am vilified for it, then so be it. I cared more about winning, than participating in a spectacle.  So I apologize for NOTHING! 
I am the Queen of the Vixens Rasslin Club, and continue to prove it.
- Fantasy

v#77 Six women ladder match 4min

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