Winner: Crystal Fire

Purpose of match:

Crystal means business and is now going to try and bulldoze her way to the Vixens Rasslin Club championship. After her loss to Rylee Jade, she is angry and focused.Get's nasty. Establish rope choke as her finisher. With no referee she does it until opponent taps out.

Kat Von is improving. That she is determined to be good.  She has a martial arts background. She will lose, but because the choke on the ropes is not a standard hold and a bit dirty, it should give her some what of an out for the loss. She is expecting fairness here and has to get acclimated to the nasty attitudes.

Action of match:

•a little trash talk about running through Kat Von by Crystal to start and Kat Von firing back verbally.

•Crystal attacks and takes over.

•Kat Von has a comeback and takes over briefly.

•Crystal does something underhanded to get control back.

•The end is a submission. Crystal uses the ropes to choke Kat Von. With relaxed rules and no referee Crystal uses the ropes saying it ain’t going to stop until you submit. Kat Von taps out after hesitating, but is upset while holding her throat.

•Kat Von says she was on ropes and that was illegal. Crystal says don’t step into the ring here if you aren’t ready to get nasty.  Crystal walks out and camera closes in on Kat Von dealing with a sore throat to end video.



V#52 Kat Von vs Crystal Fire 5min