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Humiliation foot smoother match with so holds and wrestling moves.

Two pros decide to have a submissions match together that quickly dissolves into a humiliation fest leading to a final forced KO.

-Jade Haven starts off dominating with some moves and gains a couple of submissions

-Jade puts Rylee into a camel clutch that she refuses to submit to. Jade then transitions into a double foot smother by cupping her feet together and forcing Rylee’s face into them.

-Rylee finally submits to the dirty tactic and gets furious due to the humiliation.

-Rylee retaliates and finally gains the upper hand in the match. Rylee gains a submission on Jade and uses the time to unzip her wrestling boots and slip off her socks

-Rylee then pins Jade down and applies a mandible claw on her using one of her dirty socks over her hand (Mick Foley style) to gain another submission.

-The girls then fight back and forth for the rest of the match, using multiple different foot/feet smother submissions, until Rylee has had enough and uses her feet to smother.


V#47 Rylee Jade vs Jade Haven 15min

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