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#V5 Payton Storm vs Roxanne Layne 10min
This match is not for the faint of heart. Rock-C is stretching in the ring when Payton Storm comes in claiming she is going to be the next big thing in women’s wrestling, and therefore should be given more money to appear at Custom Vixens. After Rock-C says no, things get nasty as Payton attacks her from behind and tells her that no one respects Rock-C. Payton is ferocious as she attacks Rock-C with forearms, eye rakes, stomach claws, head scissors, leg attacks and even tears apart Rock-C’s stockings! Rock-C looks to be defeated, on all fours looking up at Payton who asks if she is going to give her the money she deserves. But Rock-C ain’t dead yet and turns the tide on Payton! She stomps her fingers, chokes her with own hair, attacks her belly and even snaps her bra straps! In the end, one girl is locked in a Crossface and taps out while screaming bloody murder. Which one of these women will end up getting the respect they are looking for?

#V5 Payton Storm vs Roxanne Layne 10min

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