This match has some serious bad blood! Rock-C tries to tell Charlie how excited she is for their match, but Charlie is having no part of it as she accuses Rock-C of riding her coattails for months! Rock-C ain’t no pushover and doesn't take kindly to Charlie’s words. Once this contest starts, it does not slow down as these girls go back and forth punishing each other with a wide variety of moves and holds. In this match you will see bulldogs, hip tosses, jaw breakers, a bow and arrow stretch, gator rolls, Figure-4 head scissors and Russian leg sweeps. These girls even trade headbutts and toss each other around by their hair! In the end there is a clear victor, as one girl is soundly defeated after a sit down power slam. Does Charlie get the attitude adjustment she needs? Or will her ego get even bigger by conquering Rock-C?

#V15 Charlie Punk vs Roxanne Layne 10min