Action of match:

•Fantasy has her cigarette and Autumn knocks it out of her hand.

•back and forth match. Not too one sided.

•match ends with a small package/roll up. Autumn in control and Fantasy laying on the mat. Autumn goes to pick up Fantasy and bends over to pick her up. Fantasy pulls Autumn’s hair as she leans over and pulls her into a roll up for a 3 count.  Fantasy using her experience and dirty tactics to get her win.

It is hard to establish clearly illegal moves here, but a roll up using the hair will at least look underhanded.  Autumn complains and Fantasy gets in her face to gloat. Autumn shoves her away. Autumn leaves ring upset and Fantasy taunts her as she leaves to end video.

Post match direction:

•Fantasy starts to speak about herself as the queen of Vixens Rasslin Club after the win. Still continue to show the cigarette.

 She is a veteran and still wants to be a champion. So despite her stumble last time, she is going to get back on track. Autumn is in her ring here and Fantasy is going to prove Vixens Rasslin Club is her territory.

•Autumn Marie is going to show why she is here. She knows Fantasy, they have wrestled lately elsewhere and has some new tricks. So Fantasy better get ready to lose today.


V#54 Autumn Maire vs Fantasy 10min