This match is all about a simple misunderstanding. Allie Parker, clad in her flannel and Daisy Dukes, is excited to be facing Rock-C and happens to notice her fabulous gear and hair. She compliments Rock-C and tells her that she looks like Katy Perry. Rock-C is beyond offended, as she is not a Katy Perry fan and her gear is clearly inspired by the Little Mermaid! After tons of trash talk back and forth, Rock-C attacks Allie and this one is on! These two girls lay into each other in this back and forth match-up, trading chokes, slaps, arm bars, hair pulling, foot chokes, stomach claws, half-nelson’s and single leg Boston crabs. After 10 minutes, one girl locks in a gorilla clutch which forces the other to tap out. The only question remains is who is victorious? The bubbly Allie Parker? Or the definitely NOT Katy Perry looking Rock-C?

#V20 Alley Parker vs Roxanne Layne 10min