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Storyline: Fantasy is standing on the mat looking at her phone and becomes frustrated because her opponent decided to cancel. New opponent comes in to find fantasy and they begin discussing how Fantasy’s original opponent canceled. 

Little do we know, (new opponent) has an alternative motive. She suggests that her and Fantasy could use the time to practice. It’s clear pretty quickly that the new opponent has a different idea than practice as she really applies the practice holds on Fantasy instead of gentle and light practice. This angers Fantasy even more. 

Fantasy decides to end the “practice” session, still angry and challenges the opponent to a match!

Match: Even as Fantasy is all riled up, it is of no help to her. Her opponent dominates the entire match with several submission tap outs by Fantasy. 

Outcome: Eventually all this leads to Fantasy angrily quitting the match and walking out as it is just not her day.

Gear: Both in boots, knee pads and one-pieces.

Fantasy in Blue

Opponent in Black or Red

Practice Moves:

Figure 4

Ab Stretch (this is where Fantasy realizes there an alternative motive and presents the match)

Match Submission Moves:


Boston Crab

Camel Clutch (long hold if possible, finishing move)

Phase out clip: Winner is standing, smirking, smiling, laughing with a final arms up like “oh well” then victory pose flex to finish the scene.

V#98 Fantasy's Rough Day 10 min

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