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Autumn Marie vs. Little Bit


Vixens Rasslin Club series


Autumn Marie and Little Bit previously faced off at “The Good Ol’ Summertime Clash” (Video #72).

This time it’s a rematch.  Autumn Marie is the quintessential baby face in VRC. Strives to work hard, fiery and follows unofficial code of conduct.  While Little Bit is willing to cut corners.  Two skilled wrestlers compete, but with different outlooks.

The final results leave them each now with a victory over the other.  Setting up more matches to come in this rivalry.


Spoilers below for those who need to know.



Spoilers below




Spoilers below





Little Bit gets the win.  Now both women hold a victory over each other.  Although Little Bit definitely makes her own advantage in this one.

V#84 Lil Bit vs Autumn Maire 5min

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