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“Tearing Down The House 2”

Roxanne Layne (c) vs Fantasy: VRC Championship Match

Vixens Rasslin Club series

“Tearing Down The House 2” is a falls count anywhere’s match for the Vixens Rasslin Club championship. This is Roxanne’s 5th title defense as champion. Her challenger in this title defense is Fantasy. Fantasy won the 6 Woman #1 Contenders LadderMatch to earn this shot. Not wanting to wait, Fantasy convinced the booker, TK, to once again sanction a Tearing Down The House Match.

The animosity and innate silliness from such a match are on display. They brawl throughout the house, taunting, arguing, and using the items around them at their disposal.

It’s a fun unique match, but the post match takes a turn for the worse, and one is left in pain asking for help.

Spoilers below for those who have to know.

Spoilers below

Spoilers below

Spoilers below


Roxanne Layne successfully defends the VRC Championship for a 5th time. However, post match Fantasy is upset and puts her cigarette into the eye of Roxanne.

V#80 Fantasy vs Roxanne 13min

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