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Winner: Double DQ

Both combatants are already in the ring. The ladies get right up in each other’s faces, trash talking about who’s stronger, who has the most powerful ass in wrestling—that kind of thing. They lock up—it’s very evenly matched as they’re pushing each other into the ropes all around the ring.

That sets the tone for a very competitive, very physical match where it’s clear that there’s no love lost between these two Georgia powerhouses, and where their mutual animosity grows by the minute. 

In general, as both ladies try to out-power each other and neither can get a clear advantage, Malibu starts turning to dirty tactics: at one point she gets the WOAD down in the corner, gleefully putting a boot to her enemy’s throat. Not long after, Malibu’s choking the WOAD on the ropes, holding her down with her powerful leg. But the WOAD is very happy to fight fire with fire, and gets her turn to pound on Malibu and stomp her in the corner. This is a good old fashioned Southern scrap.

The first half of the match is a contest of power, They challenging each other: first to shoulder tackles, which cause neither lady to budge. They then do a test of strength, which is also a stalemate. 

At some point, Malibu puts the WOAD into a Boston Crab, but the WOAD powers out of it. 

Both wrestlers should get some Banzai drops in against each other, but none result in a three-count.

How it ends:

Both ladies clothesline each other and knock each other out, resulting in a double count-out. They’re both coming to and both getting up as the bell rings. A voice from behind the camera  counts them out and tells both warriors that it’s a double DQ. They’re both furious, and then tear into each other, brawling their way out of the ring and back into the locker room.


V#59 The W.O.A.D vs Malibu 10min

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