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Roxanne just had a match and is very tired, it was a triple threat. Fantasy isn’t done she runs in the ring 

Attacks Roxanne from behind gets her on her knees pulls her up and gives a ddt. She then grabs her  and gives her pedigree . Fantasy feels humiliated and embarrassed cause Roxanne kept throwing her out of the Ring. She then lifts up roxanne's head and whispers  that she is going to give her 3 Piledrivers. The Final Piledriver she stands Roxanne up and she is out on her feet. Fantasy then kicks  to the gut puts roxanne between her legs you start shaking and stomping she tells you Goodnight,but not before a huge wedgy!!!!  pins  1,2,3, then she does a victory pose on you and that’s it.  ( THIS MATCH ONLY GIVES THE ILLUSION OF A PILEDRIVER . YOU NEVER SEE THE LANDING OF THE MOVE)

V#51 Roxanne Layne vs Fantasy 5min

    まだレビューはありません最初のレビューを書きませんか? あなたのご意見・ご要望をぜひ共有してください。
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