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Poor Bashley Bones is forced to address the camera directly and inform the viewers that a cowardly attack from an unknown attacker has left her unable to compete. Unsurprisingly, Torque  shows up to deny the accusations. He  also takes it upon himself to make Bashley fight /wrestle,  a brutal assault on her Ankle.   come into play on more than one occasion as Torque uses The repeatedly devastating Ankle lock even resorts to switch the way he applies the hold to batter and bruiseBashley.

A pair of anklelocks have Bashley  fearing that her Ankle might be broken. Still, Torque doesn't let up. He  bends Bashley’s  Ankle  at an awkward angle with a fully standing version of an Ankle lock .He’s  convinced that his  victim can no longer walk. By the time the Holds release there’s serious damage done to Bashley’s  Ankle , all that's left is for a sobbing Bashley  left laying on the ground in complete Agony while clutching Ankle As Torque goes to walk away he turns back around while Bashley laying on the ground Clutching Ankle Crying after all the pain and torture been inflicted on her Ankle Torque  decides He’s not finish until he says he’s done with Bashley& Completely Snaps & reapply yet again even more  devastating & excruciating Ankle locks a Couple of Extended standing Ankle locks on  Bashley’s Ankle then transitioning into a Grapevine Ankle lock and not releasing until she either taps or possibly badly hurt her Ankle for a couple of weeks ending with Bashley Tapping out & Crying & Laying on  the Ground clutching Ankle Crying & Camera Showing off Ankle while Bashley is receiving medical attention for her Ankle. While getting medical Attention Torque Shoves official away from Bashley while Barefoot & applies A final and Devastating Ankle Lock that does the damage to Bashley Ankle has her screaming in agony and tapping out as Torque Cranking & Twisting her Ankle

v#148 Torque vs Bashley Bones 10min

    まだレビューはありません最初のレビューを書きませんか? あなたのご意見・ご要望をぜひ共有してください。
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