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 Autumn Marie offers a handshake and “promises” her opponent  Roxanne that Brittany is only there as a spectator and will NOT get involved in the match. Babyface Roxanne foolishly believes this blatant lie and shakes her hand. The two lock up with Roxanne quickly gaining the advantage focusing on attacking the knee, eventually resulting in a figure 4 leg lock. Roxanne applies pressure hoping to gain an early submission victory. 


As Autumn sells the hold, Brittany Garcia gets into the ring and drops a heavy leg drop across Roxanne’s throat, breaking the hold and Autumn’s “Promise”! In this video Roxanne is punished by butt drops from Autumn Marie and Brittany Garcia... In the Photo set Autumn is the one that gets the punishment of butt drops.

V#132 15min Match & Photo set w/Autumn Brittany and Roxanne

    まだレビューはありません最初のレビューを書きませんか? あなたのご意見・ご要望をぜひ共有してください。
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