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BODY SLAMS BODY SLAMS BODY SLAMS!!!  Autumn inflicts so much pain in theis match! Rock C body slams Marie so hard, She bounces off the matt. Her face reflects the pain. Then Rock C goes to work on her. Throughout the remainder of the match, Rock C maintains a cool, cocky attitude, her facial expression, a taunting, naughty pout. She moves with a slow strut, a sexy bounce in her gait. Totally in control. Taking her time. Makes everything feel effortless as she dismantles Autumn. Corner work. Whips into the turnbuckle. Chokes on the ropes. Throws her around the ring like a basketball. At one point, She attempts a comeback. Rock C is more surprised then hurt, retaliates with more punishment. Then lifts Autumn high with several Body slams.

V#131 Autumn Marie vs Roxanne Layne 15min

    まだレビューはありません最初のレビューを書きませんか? あなたのご意見・ご要望をぜひ共有してください。
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