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Custom Vixens V#54

Autumn Marie vs. Fantasy    10 minutes 

Vixens Rasslin Club series.

Part of the “Better When Bad” collection. 

Autumn Marie and Fantasy have wrestled before for other wrestling companies or brands. This match is the first time facing off for Vixens Rasslin Club and it is Autumn Marie’s debut.  

These two have a good back and forth match. This match proves the motto “Women wrestle at VIxens Rasslin Club, not girls.”

Watch as these two rivals solidify their rivalry here in Vixens Rasslin Club.  


Spoilers below for those who need to know.





Spoilers below 

Spoilers below 




Spoilers below 





Fantasy pulls out the win with a dirty trick. Leaving Autumn Marie wanting another chance at Fantasy. 

V#54 Autumn Maire vs Fantasy 10min

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