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Fantasy is still out on the mat. Rock-C walks back in with a necklace,  She sits Fantasy up and starts swinging the watch in front of her and wakes her up. Before Fantasy can figure out what’s happening, she is under the spell of the watch, her eyes following it as Rock-C tells her that when she hears Rock C snap her fingers, she will wake up and beg to be knocked out with the sleep spray. Fantasy’s eyes flutter as she goes deeper into the hypnotic state. Rock-C snaps her fingers and Fantasy picks up the sleep spray and shyly starts asking Rock-C to knock her out with it. Rock-C makes her beg. Finally, laughing, she sprays Fantasy, who reacts by shuddering, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Rock-C holds Fantasy up and sprays her one more time, causing Fantasy to gasp and twitch, out on her feet. Rock-C laughs as she lets Fantasy fall to the mat, out cold.
moves include: Million dollar dream...Dragon sleeper...choking with shoes laces...figue 4 head scissors

V#92 Fantasy vs Roxanne Layne 10min

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