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Custom Vixens V#70

Autumn Marie vs. Fantasy    10 minutes 

Vixens Rasslin Club series.

Part of “The Good Ol’ Summertime Clash” collection. This is the 2nd match of the card. 

This showdown is a rematch from V#54.  

Firstly Fantasy is irritated she lost a Twitter poll to be the challenger for the VRC Championship title at “The Good Ol’ Summertime Clash”. Then Fantasy’s opponent canceled due to unfortunate circumstances. So who would step up to face Fantasy at this prime event of VRC?  

Enter Autumn Marie.  Autumn Marie having just wrestled Little Bit in V#72, wants a bit of redemption against Fantasy from their last VRC match.  Autumn Marie is willing to step up and take on one of her rivals, despite having just wrestled. This match adds another chapter to the Autumn Marie vs. Fantasy story.  Fantasy is the self proclaimed Queen of VIxens Rasslin Club, showing her willingness and ability to bend the already relaxed rules of VRC as far as they will bend. Autumn Marie shows she has the wrestling abilities to succeed and rise to the top of VRC.  Who will win in this rematch?  


Spoilers below for those who need to know. 




Spoilers below 

Spoilers below 





Spoilers below






Fantasy pulls out the win, but only after breaking the code of the relaxed rules of VRC.  Leaving the declaration of her win in some level of dispute.  


V#70 Autumn Maire vs Fantasy 10min

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