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Custom Vixens V#53

Malibu vs Roxanne Layne      10 minutes 


Vixens Rasslin Club series.

Part of the “Better When Bad” collection.

Roxanne Layne defends the Vixens Rasslin Club championship for the 2nd time. TK, the booker, brought in Malibu special to challenge Roxanne for the VRC title. Malibu is a favorite of TK’s, and gets the title shot. Will TK’s favorite win the championship or will Roxanne build her championship resume?  They exchange wrestling holds and insults throughout the match, in this test of wills.  


Spoilers for those who need to know.





Spoilers below 

Spoilers below 




Spoilers below 






Roxanne defeats TK’s favorite, Malibu. That’s 2 successful title defenses, building the resume of her title reign.

V#53 Malibu vs Roxanne Layne 10min

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