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Custom Vixens Video #149

Shawna Reed vs Bashley Bones
9 minutes, 30 seconds

Vixens Rasslin Club series:

This is a first time showdown between Shawna Reed and Bashley Bones

Neither woman is afraid of having a scrappy fight. Both show they are willing to do whatever it takes to finish this match and get the victory. 
Shawna Reed vs Bashley Bones has an old school Rasslin vibe to it, yet still has moments of fun sprinkled in. 
Headbutts, forearms, stomps, kicks, along with some wrestling holds set the tone. The further along this match goes, the more desperate they get to finish it.
The luxury of being in this up close and intimate setting is being able to her comments back and forth between these two determined women.
Spoilers below 
Spoilers below 
Spoilers below 
Spoilers: Bashley Bones is able to outlast Shawna Reed in this back and forth tooth and nail scrap of a match.

V#149 Shawna Reed vs Bashley Bones 10min

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