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Kathy Owens (Heel) vs Shawna Reed(Rookie/Jobber) with Roxanne (Babyface/impartial) as referee.


8 minutes.




Kathy Owens: One Piece Pro Style Gear

Shawna Reed: Two Piece Pro Style Gear (If possible, different attire than previous order to reflect a character change)

Roxanne: Referee shirt over her pro style gear 


First Half: (Short squash match followed by a post match beating)


Kathy dominates Shawna in a squash match with power/squashing moves like bear hugs, corner hip attacks, leg drops and splashes (whatever time allows. Focus should be placed on later written details more than the moves in this portion) The finish of the official match comes when Kathy lands a standing butt drop to Shawna’s chest but lifts up on a count of 2 from Roxanne. Kathy then land an earthquake splash (Running butt drop to the chest) and sits on Shawna’s chest for the easy 3 count.


Kathy stands up as Roxanne checks on the unconscious Shawna. Kathy demands Roxanne raise her arm in victory and announce her as winner. Roxanne obliges, raises Kathy’s hand and announces Kathy as the winner. Roxanne returns to check on Shawna. Kathy then shoves the referee away and drags her beaten opponent by the wrist to the corner. Kathy climbs to the second rope and despite constant warnings from the referee (What are you doing? The match is over! Don’t do this!) Kathy connects with a 2nd rope banzai drop.


Second Half: (Referee destruction and victory pose)


A very upset Roxanne is concerned for Shawna’s well being and tries to pull the heel away from her victim. Kathy shoves Roxanne away and proceeds to beat down the referee with squashing moves, culminating in a standing butt drop to Roxanne. Kathy then drags Roxanne by the wrist to the corner. Roxanne weakly pleads but Kathy climbs to the 2nd rope. Kathy lands a 2nd rope banzai drop to the referee!


With the referee neutralized, Kathy returns her attention to the slowly stirring Shawna. Kathy says she should have just stayed down and pulls her opponent back to her feet. Kathy applies an iron claw to Shawna’s face. Shawna flails and Roxanne is too weak to make the save. Shawna eventually passes out from the pain and is left flat on her back in the center of the ring. Kathy continues to apply pressure even after Shawna is out. Kathy then drags Roxanne over and drapes her body over top of Shawna (Shawna knocked out flat on her back, Roxanne laying with her back across Shawna’s stomach) Kathy places a foot on top of the pile and raises one arm in victory. She expects better competition next time!

V#147 Kathy Owens vs Shawna Reed 8min

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