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Shawna: Her preferred pro style gear. Boots.

Bashley: Her preferred pro style gear. Boots.

Roxanne: Referee top over her preferred pro style gear. Boots.


First 2 Minutes:


Referee Roxanne assures both competitors that she will allow no funny business in this match and both girls agree to obey all instructions (Shawna is lying)


Shawna proclaims when she wins, she wants to be known as the queen of the ring! The other women scoff at this ridiculous proclamation! 


Bashley starts out hot, getting the better of Shawna. Bashley hits some hip tosses and clotheslines. She sets up for a ddt, but Shawna grabs hold of the referee which blocks the ddt, causing Bashley to slam herself into the mat. 


Roxanne reprimands Shawna for putting her hands on a referee. Shawna apologizes before pressing her advantage. She mounts Bashley and begins raining down punches. Roxanne reprimands the use of closed fists but Shawna doesn’t care.

V#146 Bashley B. vs Shawna R. 15Min Roxanne as the ref

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