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A FANTASY FACESITTING DOMINATION with VERBAL HUMILIATION between 2 WOMEN who are sisters. About 15 minutes in length. SISTER 1 is Autumn Marie; SISTER 2 is your choice. Their parents have just died and left them a large inheritance.SISTER 1 has previously heard on the phone that SISTER 2 is going to hire a hit man to kill her to get all the money for herself. SISTER 1 decides to invite her over to her apartment and do her in first by poisoning her drink. SISTER 2 is a real pervert who has always been attracted to SISTER 1 so its a trap. SISTER 1 flirts with SISTER 2 and gives her the drink but the poison does not work (She passes out for a second but quickly wakes up). SISTER 2 is really turned on and she starts to try to touch SISTER 1 and they begin to wrestle on the bed. SISTER 1 does not know what to do; She tries scissoring. She also tries choking her but it does not work and realizes it will leave fingerprints. So SISTER 1 decides to suffocate her by FACESITTING. SISTER 2 can't keep her hands off SISTER 1 and is turned on at first. SISTER 2 likes it and thinks its a game. SISTER 1 has to constantly slap/push her hands away which gets her more angry and determined to finish her off. Eventually SISTER 2 becomes scared and begs her for her life. SISTER 1 ends up enjoying her dominance as she begins to VERBALLY HUMILIATE SISTER 2. SISTER 1 becomes a cruel tease as she slowly finishes her off SISTER 2 is strong and tough and fights for her life. After several times checking her for signs of life/vital signs SISTER 2 finally expires after a long struggle. SISTER 1 calls for help to get rid of the "evidence."

V#62 Face smother 15min

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