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V#60 Malibu vs Roxanne 12min 'Tearing down the house'

Custom Vixens V# 60

$25.99  “Tearing Down The House”

12 minute video in the Vixens Rasslin Club customs series. 

This match showcases Roxanne Layne and Malibu battling in a fun falls count anywhere’s match. The fight for the Championship belt takes them around the house. Using the furniture and everyday items surrounding them. From the bedroom to the living room, they brawl, chase, whip, and apply some wrestling holds. Dressed in a leotard and one piece swimsuit respectively this battle has fun, silly action and snarky comments. Who will win in this championship showdown that tears the house down? 


Spoiler alert…

Spoiler alert…

Spoilers below for those who need to know who wins.



Roxanne Layne wins the Tearing Down the House Match.

V#60 Malibu vs Roxanne 12min 'Tearing down the house'

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