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Heather Owens pose in a ten min video showing off her feet and body. There is a video and still Photos

POV List

1. Standing in the ring shown from head to toe.

2. Both biceps pose shown from head to toe.

3. Arms ed up in the ropes (Andre the Giant like).

4. Foot ed up in the top and middle ropes.

5. Head ed up in the top and middle ropes (Mick Foley like).

6. Closeup of tops of feet.

7. Closeup of soles of feet.

8. Standing on the top/middle rope.

9. Closeup of soles standing on top/middle rope.

10. Foot coming down on camera like ready to crush it.

11. Ring rope in between the toes (big and index toes).

12. Smelling of the feet/soles.

13. Tree of woe posion, foot behind the turnbuckle.

14. Closeup of being upside down.

15. Closeup of feet in tree of woe.

16. Crotched on the top ring rope. Ride ‘em cowboy.

17. Crotched on the top turnbuckle.

18. Hopping on one foot while holding the other foot.

19. Feet toward the camera resng on the second rope.

20. Doing “the pose” with the feet.

21. Spreading the toes apart.

22. Arms ed in the ropes again. (Andre the Giant like)

V#143 POV Heather Owens feet pose

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